Leonie Junge
ESNS 2023
Paradise Worldwide
Leonie Junge is an accomplished decision-maker with an antiquity of building artists and record labels. Leonie Junge, in her role as label Manager at Paradise Worldwide, oversees multiple labels and offers distribution consultation, including release planning, marketing strategy, and rights acquisition. With a focus on technology and solutions revolving around a more transparent and equitable music ecosystem, Leonie is quickly becoming an executive to watch. Last year, Junge joined the Africa Rising Music Conference as the lead on Conference & Artistic planning, facilitating communication between various stakeholders, its foreign partners, and conference attendees. Her motivation comes from an eagerness to use tech-based distribution and industry knowledge sharing to spread independent artists' and labels' music around the world in the most efficient way possible.
Thu 19 JAN - Oosterpoort - Back 9 (down) - 15:00-16:00