Luigi Cernigliaro
ESNS: 2024
Volunteer/Logistics, Ypsigrock Festival Sicily
Luigi integrates diverse experiences rooted in his passion for music and events, encompassing academia, industry and policy. He applies his research insights to the practical realm, actively promoting and testing sustainable innovation practices in the festival and live music sector. Currently conducting his PhD research at the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Luigi focuses on the sustainability of cultural events and festivals in urban environments. As a volunteer of Ypsigrock, Italy’s longest running boutique festival held in his home territory of Sicily, he actively participated in the SMA! - Small Festivals Accelerator’s mobility and capacity-building programme, supported by the Creative Europe Programme. The project aimed to develop a sustainable business model for small and medium-sized festivals in peripheral areas. Since last June, Luigi has been working as a sustainability consultant with Live Nation Italia, contributing to the development, implementation, and monitoring of an environmental sustainability programme for the events promoted and organised by the company.
Thu 18 JAN - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 1