Micke Lindevall
ESNS: 2024
Co-Founder & Program Director, Debaser
With over 20 years of experience from the Swedish live industry, Micke has a good overview of how the market works. 22 years ago, he opened the first of the popular music club venue Debaser in Stockholm, out of four (4). It’s still where he currently works as booking manager. These iconic Debaser venues has produced around +10000 shows with artists like Post Malone, Ed Sheeran, Billie Eilish, Adele, Bob Dylan etc. at their 500-1000 cap venues. Debaser is also a member of the pan-European platform Liveurope supporting new European sounds. Micke has served five years on the board of Svensk Live (Swedish Live Music Association) and is the chairman of the board of Stockholm’s Musikarrangörer (The regional Live Music Association of Stockholm).
Thu 18 JAN - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 1