Paco Barba
ESNS: 2024
Artistic Director, Indie Rocks!
Paco Barba, born in Mexico City in 1981, is a graphic designer from Columbia College in Chicago, IL. During his remarkable tenure as digital marketing director at Thrill Jockey Records from 2005 to 2013, Paco left an indelible mark on the label's extensive catalog, contributing to over 40 titles. His role in promoting the label and facilitating artistic exchanges between Chicago and Latin America further enriched the cultural landscape. Paco's exceptional talent has garnered him numerous awards and recognition. His visionary projects, such as "Close to There/Perto de Lá" (2018) between Chicago and Salvador, Brazil as well as "Elastic Arts: An Improvised Music Exchange Between Mexico City and Chicago" (2019), received support from the esteemed MacArthur Foundation International Connections Fund. His curatorial practices in printed books were honored at the Tokyo Art Book Fair in 2019, and he received a prestigious Curatorial Fellowship at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, IL, USA in 2017. As the artistic director of Grupo Indie Rocks! since 2015, Paco continues to make a profound impact on not only helping artists to find their way in the territory, but presenting over 430 captivating performances at renowned venues and festivals in Mexico City, including Festival Hipnosis, Festival Aural, Festival del Centro Historico de la Ciudad de Mexico, Lampo, Semana IR!, and the recent addition of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Mexico City. Paco's unwavering commitment to showcasing exceptional artistry continues to shape and elevate the cultural landscape, providing unforgettable experiences for audiences.
Fri 19 JAN - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Marathonzaal
Fri 19 JAN - 15:00-16:15 - Oosterpoort - Grote zaal