Patrick Ehrhardt
ESNS: 2023
Goodlive GmbH | Berlin Pride
Patrick Ehrhardt is 31 years young and has been part of the festival industry for more than 6 years now. With 15 years of experience in DJ circles, productions and event collectives, after a health-related professional change, he has made the festival and live industry his own. He is Honorary Executive Director and Chairman of one of the largest human rights organizations and demos in Europe (Berlin Pride). The work with and in the queer community as well as several stations within Goodlive (e.g. Partnership Management as well as Brand & Project) gave him an aspiring position as an industry personality and pioneer, not only through listings in magazines. He also advises companies and projects in the field of LGBTIQA* marketing and content with his agency, plans a large number of party series & bookings and can currently be found alongside Fruzsina Szep in the Superbloom Munich festival team at the Goodlive.