Sami Abdou
ESNS: 2024
A&R manager, Top Notch & Noah’s Ark
In the early era of Belgian hip-hop, an avid enthusiast named Sami discovered his passion for the genre. Initially stepping into the music industry, he quickly shifted to the background, opting to represent his friends from behind the scenes. Amidst a time when Flemish hip-hop struggled for recognition, Sami aligned himself with the Antwerp collective Made Men Muzik. After a stint of independence, he seamlessly integrated with Top Notch, autonomously releasing the debut project "Codekrakers" by Kleine Ben & King B. This triumph not only placed the young artists on the map but also spotlighted Sami himself. His commitment to A&R bore fruit with local and international successes. Focusing on digital strategies, he achieved a #1 debut for DIKKE in 2021. Now, as A&R for Belgian and Dutch artists, Sami, overseeing artists like Chardy, Leblanco, and Dutch legends Hef, continues to expand the musical landscape.
Fri 19 JAN - 10:30-11:30 - Oosterpoort - Ronde Kamer