United States of America
Scott Cohen
ESNS: 2023
Scott Cohen has become the founding Chief Executive Officer and investor for a new venture in the music industry. One of the music industry’s most notable pioneers, Cohen co-founded The Orchard - the world’s first digital distributor of music. Established in 1997, The Orchard - now owned by Sony Music - gave independent artists and labels a platform to sell their music to mainstream audiences and has since become the leading distribution company with 45 offices worldwide. Cohen retired from The Orchard in 2019 and joined Warner Music Group as its first-ever Chief Innovation Officer - a role uniquely tailored to Cohen's expertise. Not only is Cohen a proponent of new technology and innovation in the industry, but he also carries this through to his personal life. He is a cyborg, human rights activist, and has been a vegan for the past 25 years.