ESNS: 2012
You need all eyes and all ears to grasp what's happening when you see and hear Norwegian band 22. It's hard to describe all things that happen when the four musicians from Trondheim perform. They certainly know how to count beyond four. Strange meters alternate with unbridled dynamics in heavy rock. Or in their own words: 22 combine the mathematical and downright progressive insanity of the Mars Volta, Muse and Refused with a keen pop sensibility and strong desire to experiment. Since 2008 the band, born out of the ashes metalfolkrock band Gåte, is active. After an EP and a full length album foreign countries got to know 22 this year through EP Plastic and EP Kneel Estate. Rock magazine Kerrang named them 'best band of the week'. They praised the live performances of 22. Quote: "a pure whirlwind of kinetic energy that snaps, crackles and, finally, pops in a blur of ferocious exuberance."
Playing at | Eurosonic