AKS (Addicted Kru Sound)
ESNS: 2012
This four piece electronic group from Leuven, Belgium was well on its way as a drum & bass outfit. Addicted Kru Sound even did a successful tour in the US, however they had to follow their hearts. And that pointed to dubstep. With success for the four Belgians. Not only did they make great songs with famous Belgian singers Selah Sue and Lola, they were also asked to remix Jamie Lidell and Wu-Tang Clan. Sometimes the Addicted Kru Sounds grabs you by the ankles to shake you around, at other times they make dreamy electronic songs. That's what you get with a band who says to have an unlimited music taste. They go from jungle passed jazz to reggae and soul. They took the big summer festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands by storm. This winter it is time for Groningen.
Playing at | Eurosonic