Baby's Berserk
ESNS 2023
Baby's Berserk was born in a laboratory back in 2020. Tired of being in bands with unruly and unpredictable humans, Mano Hollestelle set out to create a group of high precision robots to play post-punk music with. His outdated technology of floppy disks and cassette tapes were working well to program the androids, until one day a 90s rave mixtape was mistakenly inputed. The punk bots now understood the true love and joy of dance music, and could never be reset to factory settings again. Mano worked tirelessly with his androids, known now by their humanoid names of Lieselot Elzinga, Puggy Beales and Eva Wijnbergen, to fulfill his evil plan to make the rockers dance and the dancers rock. Baby's Berserk is the fiendish extension of this plot. Beware, their bass driven grooves and computerized beats have been known cast a spell upon all within earshot.
Performance Time
Friday to Saturday night 21 JAN - Der AA-Theater - 00:30-01:15

Playing at | Eurosonic