Bulgarian Cartrader
ESNS: 2024
During his vita as a musician, Sofia (BU) native Daniel Stoyanov has been through everything a talented young singer can go through: from shady cover gigs making the first own bucks to singing for stadium size band SEEED and his previous, major label signed band Malky. It needed a break from music that he spent working as an actual car salesman, helping an old friend from Sofia, driving thousands of kilometers through Europe, sometimes getting ripped off, sometimes making good money. During these times, far away from the music hustle, he found his true artist identity and the name for his truly passionate project appeared: Bulgarian Cartrader.

Stoyanov used the corona lockdowns to develop the idea of the project further and wrote and produced hundreds of demos, isolated in his Berlin studio. Now, after having released his self-produced debut album in November 2022, he is a known name across indie bubbles in Europe, UK and the US. He was in the yearly top 10 charts at radio stations in Germany (radio eins, FluxFM), Austria (FM4), France (Radio Nova) and played shows at the most prestigious showcase festivals such as School Night (Los Angeles), ESNS (NL), Reeperbahn Festival (GE) and more.

In Autumn 2023 he is starting to release fresh music, accompanied by a furious campaign, following his “Bulgarian Grandma Media Group”, a squad of three grannies, helping him with the promotion, using voodoo and Baba Yaga powers – welcome to the Bulgarian Cartrader universe!

Bulgarian Cartrader is nominated for the Music Moves Europe Awards 2024.
Performance Time
Thursday to Friday night 18 JAN - Mutua Fides - 23:30-00:10

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