Esther de Jong
ESNS: 2024
The music of Esther de Jong (Dokkum, 1994) comes in like a velvet sledgehammer. In June 2023, her debut album 'Even over Leven' was released by Excelsior Recordings and was described by OOR as an album written with a sharp pen and a sense of (black) humour. The lyrical lyrics put you with both feet on the ground, only to sink through them. With the sometimes lush instrumental accompaniment, you are shaken up and Esther de Jong shakes you back to life. Inspiration is drawn from many quarters but especially from artists Radiohead, Elbow, Father John Misty, Wende and Robert Long. With five-piece band, these influences are again blended and interpreted in a completely unique way.
Performance Time
Thu 18 JAN - The Social Hub - 20:30-21:00

Playing at | EurosonicNOORD