Feest DJ Ruud
ESNS: 2012
Throughout Holland he leaves a trace of carnival, blow up animals, crowdsurfing, rubber boats,  party hats and champagne. He is like a walking mash-up between bad taste and badass music and he gives what his name Feest (Party) DJ Ruud promises. With early classics, today's hits and the heroes of the future he makes the crowds move. From slick r&b, swingbeat and hiphop, with some happy hardcore and bubbling on the side, all the way to hard dubstep, sexy house, moombahton and electro. Feest DJ Ruud guarantees a discharge, with his mixes as well as with his own song Gas Op Die Lollie. Feest DJ Ruud has found an old formula to give a night out a new dimension. The secret of that formula? Party!
Playing at | Eurosonic