ESNS: 2012
Petra Mases, singer of the Swedish band Francis, was described after a Dutch show as the crazy, Scandinavian niece of Tom Waits and Janis Joplin. Francis, a four-piece Swedish band from the region of Dalarma, traveled through Europe as support for The Tallest Man on Earth, although their recent EP Lekomberg, We Were Kin should give them the right to travel Europe as a main act. Melancholic, playful, blues, gospel and jazz, it are all terms that are used to describe Francis. But it's mainly the voice and the performance on stage of singer Petra Mases that catches eyes and ears, and leads to remarks like: "Francis may have the tasty and restrained musicianship of skilled players, but it's the human touch lent by Petra Mases' vocals that lights up the room."  
Playing at | Eurosonic