Franky Age
ESNS: 2016
As a child we're usually raised with the music our parents listened to. In this respect, young Franky Age was incredibly lucky, as his dad owns a varied and refined music collection that's full of golden nuggets from the fifties, sixties and seventies. That's fertile ground for the now 21-year old boy, who started playing guitar in bands at a young age. After quitting the Phrases in 2011, he began Franky Age and stepped into the spotlights as a singer. With a demo of a song that was not even finished (no drums!) the four-piece played their first gig in the Groningen venue Vera as support act for The Crookes. After one other gig they signed a record deal for a future album. We think their sound is what you'd get if you crossed Elvis Costello with The Kooks.
Playing at | Grunnsonic