gladde paling
ESNS: 2023
Gladde Paling has been turning heads with his unmistakably innovative sound, one that mixes multiple electronic genres with memes and soundbites. Dubbed ‘troll ‘n bass’ & ‘meme techno’ by Dutch platform 3voor12 and ‘The Netherlands most wanted drum ‘n bass delicacy’ by 013, the venue that hosted a series of Gladde Paling (‘Slippery Eel’) events. The otherwise very secretive producer also extends his thanks to Liquicity, Lokerse Feesten and ‘the creative genius of Joost’. “The ocean is the limit!”
Performance Time
Sat 21 JAN - Oosterpoort Kelder - 22:45-23:30
Thursday to Friday night 20 JAN - Smoke - 03:15-03:45

Playing at | Noorderslag