ESNS: 2023
Pop Hip Hop
Goldkimono is a vibe. A frequency, to be more specific. Sonic vibrations moving through the airwaves to the beat of '90s hip-hop at the speed of island time. Call it a feeling, an aesthetic, or a mood, to Dutch producer/writer/artist Tienus Konijnenburg (co-writer of Kygo’s monsterhit ‘Firestone’), “It’s all energy.” Waves gently washing over the sand, a skateboard wheel hitting the pavement on the Venice Beach boardwalk, steel strings moving against the wood of his guitar - the sound of Goldkimono is tangible on his otherworldly groovy debut album ‘The Legend Of The Goldkimono’.

This artist is nominated for the Music Moves Europe Awards 2023
Performance Time
Thursday to Friday night 19 JAN - MAAS Main - 23:45-00:30

Nominated | MME Awards
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