ESNS: 2024
Pop Alternative Electronic
JOON is the electronic solo project by Maltese songwriter and producer, Yasmin Kuymizakis. With ethereal vocals, celestial synths, and self-directed music videos inspired by B-movie tropes, she immerses listeners in a world of dreamy mysticism. JOON’s debut album 'Dream Again' was released on Italians Do It Better in 2021, delivering a fusion of cushioned beats, woozy electronic layers, and messages of hope. In 2023 JOON embarked on a support tour alongside Future Islands and performances at festivals like Corona Capital in Mexico.
Performance Time
Fri 19 JAN - Mutua Fides - 19:30-20:10
Fri 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 15:50-16:10

Playing at | Eurosonic