ESNS: 2023
Looking for a pop hit with an irresistible melody, a catchy hook and a quirky sound, wrapped in a thoroughly international-sounding production? Very few tick all those boxes the way composer, lyricist, musician and singer MAXINE (1998, The Hague) does. In songs like ‘Crazy’, ‘Help Myself’ and ‘Strange’, the sun shines more brightly, the rain is more intense, and the colours more vibrant. It took a few steps for MAXINE to move from songwriting for others into the spotlight, but now she has arrived. Captivating, bursting with confidence, and armed with wonderful pop hits.
Performance Time
Sat 21 JAN - Oosterpoort Entreehal - 20:00-20:45
Sat 21 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 15:50-16:10

Playing at | Noorderslag