ESNS: 2024
With his captivating voice, Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Morpheus makes his debut with the EP 'Morphosis'. His project revolves around telling authentic stories with soulful vocals. With over 750,000 streams, several interviews, and support tours with artists such as Thomas Azier, Naaz, Kovacs and Pitou, there is a buzz around his name. In preparation for his next EP, set to be released early 2024 and produced by Thomas Azier, he is experimenting with classical and orchestral elements along with contemporary productions such as digital beats.
Performance Time
Sat 20 JAN - Oosterpoort Bovenzaal - 20:15-20:45
Sat 20 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 14:10-14:30

Playing at | Noorderslag