Natte Visstick
ESNS: 2023
Spearheading the meme-techno and troll ‘n’ bass? Well, Natte Visstick (‘Wet Fish Stick’) is undoubtedly racking up huge amounts of streams by just making what he (?) seriously digs: rude techno & drum ‘n’ bass laced with adolescent jokes. Other, anonymous Dutch producers like Gladde Paling (‘Slippery Eel’) and Vieze Asbak (‘Dirty Ashtray’) join in the fun: ludicrous tracks going viral through TikTok and conquering streaming services and dancefloors alike. Not for techno purists, but very 2022 proof.
Performance Time
Saturday to Sunday night 21 JAN - Oosterpoort Kelder - 23:30-00:15

Playing at | Noorderslag