not sure
ESNS: 2024
Pop Hip Hop
not sure. There's more to it than you'd think. Not only was the 26-year old rapper/singer/tax payer in dubio about how he'd want to walk up musical capitalism's stairways; but are we, sapiens, really sure of ANYTHING ? This inquiry seamlessly blends with the deeply philosophical, life-or-death questions not sure tries to answer in his music. On his album The Recipe (2023), released in four parts or so-called 'ingredients', he navigates through what it means to be human, and through how one should spend his time on Earth. Armed with frisky rhymes, cinematic soundscapes and an (un)healthy amount of dry humour, he wants to formulate a recipe; not only to benefit himself, but his fellows too. To help them become a little more comfortable in life's kitchen.
Playing at | Grunnsonic