Pommelien Thijs
ESNS: 2024
Pop Rock
Pommelien Thijs (21) is a Flemish singer, musician, designer and actress. In 2020 she scored a #1 hit in Belgium̈ and the Netherlands, and also plays the lead role in the Netflix hit series "Knokke Off". With summer single ‘Erop of Eronder’ Pommelien got a #1 in the Belgian single and airplay chart, as well as #1 in the Spotify Single Charts and the Radio 2 Summer hit Award of 2023. This summer her long-awaited debut album 'Per Ongeluk' came out, including a duet with Dutch star singer Meau.
Performance Time
Friday to Saturday night 20 JAN - Stadsschouwburg - 00:50-01:30

Playing at | Eurosonic