ESNS: 2024
Hip Hop
Groningen-based artist STEEBY (Jesse Kortenschijl) was inspired at a young age by the honesty and storytelling within Hip-Hop, a combination that today forms the basis for his own music. After releasing his first EP 'Better Days' (2020), STEEBY formed his own 8-piece band in 2021 and dubbed 'Steeby & the Better Days' as a live act. Inspired by artists like Typhoon and Pete Philly & Perquisite, he managed to develop into an energetic live act that did not go unnoticed. In 2022, he was selected for the talent development programme Hit the North, sold out the main venue of Simplon Groningen with a solo show and prepared with his band for his performance at Eurosonic 2023. Steeb's lyrics focus on strength, vulnerability and openness, combining philosophical wisdom with the Groningen sobriety. Together with his band, he turns the samplebased history of hip-hop into a varied live show where crossovers are found to jazz, funk & soul.
Performance Time
Wednesday to Thursday night 17 JAN - The Social Hub - 23:30-00:00

Playing at | EurosonicNOORD