ESNS: 2023
Pop Alternative
T A M A R’s poetic pop songs are extraordinary stories about ordinary things. Melodic, personal and meaning anything you need them to. In March 2021 she released ‘En het werd lente’; the first single of the album ‘Langzaamaan’. A sensitive ballad about losing her mother in the dawning of spring. The second single is titled ‘Ik weet niet wat de tantes zingen’. A darksome song about wishing to belong somewhere, recognizing yourself and feeling out of place at the same time. At the start of 2022 the album ‘Langzaamaan’ was released. A collection of songs written in the years past, where T A M A R says goodbye to her youth, shifts generations and sings songs of melancholy and wonder about the passing of time. With the album came a book called ‘De Woorden’. It consists of lyrics, short stories and poems, including some poems that never turned into songs. ‘Langzaamaan’ is a beautiful album that has not gone unnoticed and resulted in T A M A R playing at Grasnapolsky, Preuvenement, Eindeloos Eiland Festival and Graceland.
Playing at | Grunnsonic