The Vices
ESNS: 2022
The Vices present a contrasting mix of britpop and surf rock. After a debut album as successful as Looking For Faces a band would usually fly high, but a nasty pandemic put a stop to festival season and a sold out club tour. But if there's one thing The Vices aren’t, then it's defenseless. If you can't fly, you might as well start running fast; anything to release energy and creative urges. The Vices became house band on M (NPO1), were familiar faces at 3FM and KINK, put on a sold out ViceFest and...returned to the studio! Close to the ground The Vices went in search of themselves. On new single Strange Again you hear them think and philosophize about an eternal desire for new adventures. These adventures kick off with an ESNS appearance, where they'll blow your socks off!
Playing at | Eurosonic