Timo de Jong
ESNS: 2024
Alternative Rock Singer-Songwriter
Timo de Jong is a Dutch Americana musician. Inspired by the music of the sixties, but wrapped in a neat contemporary suit and tie. His warm, deep voice might take you back to the famed crooners of days gone by. Timo’s done more than 750 live performances and has done multiple international gigs and tours. Timo draws inspiration from stories within his circle of friends, his own experiences, and from a truly original perspective. Like in the song 'Cordyceps,' a song about a parasitic fungus, listeners may notice that it could also be about themselves. Timo's musical influences include crooners Marty Robbins, Glen Campbell, and Frank Sinatra, as well as more modern acts that translate sounds from the past into modern music, such as Theo Lawrence, Sam Outlaw, and Marlon Williams. Timo's singing style is 'crooning.' It revolves around creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, making the listener feel as if they are being serenaded by a good friend or lover. The intimate quality of Timo's style makes it perfect for expressing emotions and conveying lyrics about love, longing, and tenderness.
Performance Time
Wed 17 JAN - The Social Hub - 19:30-20:00

Playing at | EurosonicNOORD