ESNS: 2024
Indie Rock
Referencing the easy, fuzzy sounds of the 90s, Viji – real name Vanilla Jenner – is pioneering a new style of indie sleaze. Her shoegazey debut album, ‘So Vanilla’, is filled with layered guitar melodies that touch on the slower end of Sonic Youth, paired with the pop hooks and slow, soulful soliloquies. Born and raised in Vienna, Viji went via the US and Brazil to the UK to study music production in Brighton. Now, the self-described emo-punkrocker operates from London, where she is signed to Speedy Wunderground.
Performance Time
Fri 19 JAN - All Round - 20:50-21:30
Fri 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 16:10-16:30

Playing at | Eurosonic