ESNS: 2023
WATERLEAF is a Dutch Indie Pop band that combines 80’s synths and rugged drum machines with a touch of bittersweet dream pop. Singer Margrieke writes opinionated songs that showcase a conflict between her soft side and her ‘f*ck it’ attitude. The result? Hooks that keep buzzing through your head, finding common ground between dreaminess and pure energy. Songs about personal and social disappointment make up the lion’s share of the repertoire and are often presented with a plot twist. The sound of WATERLEAF contains elements that could remind you of contemporary acts (Electric Youth, Millie Turner, The Weeknd) as well as classics (Air, Kate Bush). The band played on several prominent stages in the north of the Netherlands in 2022 such as Vera, Simplon, Noorderzon festival, Grunnsonic, Pagefestival, and EM2.
Playing at | Grunnsonic