ESNS: 2024
Hip Hop
Raised in Cologne on an eclectic musical diet of Jazz, Soul and Funk, whothefislou was naturally inclined to RnB, Neo-Soul, and Hip Hop which leads her to explore a mixture of these different genres today. The independent artist with French and German roots is not set on a style yet but relies on the feeling she has when she listens to a beat. Whothefislou is the latest addition to the International Hip Hop Collective Northern Lights, a group of talented young individuals from all walks of life and nations that showcase, create and celebrate HipHop, Trap and RnB. Together, they have been making waves in their local club- scene by organizing parties and introducing their latest concept of POLYRHYTHMIA. With this concept, they are bridging the gap between Hip-Hop and Electronic sounds, with a combination of DJ-sets and live performances. Their collaborative "POLYRHYTHMIA EP" is a mix of Uk Garage and Grime.
Playing at | Grunnsonic