Sprekers Georg Häusler, European Commission / Susanne Hollmann, European Commission / Olivier Fontaine, European Commission / Juliane Ott, European Commission / Fiona Deuss-Frandi, EACEA - European Education and Culture Executive Agency / Simone Dudt, European Music Council

Music Moves Europe or how Europe Moves Music

Gepresenteerd door: European Commission
DO - Oosterpoort - Front 3 - 13:30-14:30
Politics & Policy
English spoken
Presented by the European Commission – Europe has a lot to offer to musicians and music professionals. Speakers will give you an update on the Music Moves Europe initiative by presenting the latest actions taken at EU level in support of the music sector, including EU funding opportunities. Music Moves Europe stands for a coherent political approach at EU level to promote a sustainable European music ecosystem. Together with stakeholders, the EU wants to foster the music sector’s main assets: diversity, competitiveness and innovation.