Moderator Susanne Hollmann, European Commission
Sprekers Olivier Fontaine, European Commission / Corinne Sadki, EMEE / Tamara Kamínska, Music Export Poland / Franz Hergovich, Music Austria / Dries Van Herreweghe, HIVA KU Leuven / Lode Vermeersch, HIVA KU Leuven / Olivier Tura, Trempo


Gepresenteerd door: European Commission
DO - Oosterpoort - Front 3 - 15:00-16:00
Politics & Policy
English spoken
Under the Music Moves Europe initiative, the European Commission launches EU wide studies to gather up-to-date information on developments in the sector and to compile recommendations on how to address challenges and new trends, and ultimately to better inform policy-making. In this session, two recent studies will be presented by the study teams: • The EMX study on “Implementing steps to develop and promote European Music Export”, which aimed at increasing knowledge of and experimenting with new approaches to European music export. The study analysed the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on European music export within the EU and beyond, developed methodologies and practical tools for European music export, explored and experimented with new approaches to European music export in the new post-COVID environment, built the capacity of European music actors involved in music export, and provided evidence-based recommendations for future EU action in this field. It built on the strategy developed by a previous study entitled “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent”. • The study on “The Health and Wellbeing of Professional Musicians and Music Creators in the EU”, which aimed at providing an overview of the occupational health risks professional musicians and music creators face, and an EU-wide mapping of existing initiatives contributing towards the prevention and treatment of adverse health issues related to performance and musical creation. The study identified successful interventions and experiences. Through the analysis of these cases, the study identified possible solutions on how to improve the health and working conditions and career longevity of musicians and music creators.
Moderator Sprekers