Amke Block
ESNS 2023
Chief Alliance Officer CopyrightDelta & CEO UN1K.art
Amke has a 25+ year track record in the music industry as an enabler, strategic consultant & business developer in transformative projects at the intersection of cutting-edge digital technology and creative content. Her mission is to support creatives making a better living of their art. She is owner of consulting and investment firm B10CK UG, founding partner of NFT agency UN1K.ART and Chief Alliance Officer for COPYRIGHTDELTA.com, the Amsterdam based tech startup offering a blockchain-powered music copyright management software suite for web3 distribution and statement analytics. Amke is a frequent speaker at business events and has co-curated numerous conferences. She is a member at the Digital Finance Forum, an expert group put together by the German Ministry of Finance.
Do 19 JAN - Oosterpoort - Back 12 (up) - 12:00-13:00