Verenigd Koninkrijk
Angie Rance
ESNS: 2023
Earth Agency
Angie Rance is an Agent at Earth Agency, an independent music agency in London, founded in 2014. With over 15 years’ experience in the music industry, Angie began her career working with touring classical artists and orchestras, before moving into commercial music management and ultimately deciding, in 2013, that she ‘belonged’ in the live agency business. Her current roster at Earth Agency comprises live acts across a spectrum of genres including indie, instrumental, ambient/electronic, folk/roots, such as Penguin Cafe, Matthew and the Atlas, MY BABY, Sam Lee, Eydís Evensen, Ye Vagabonds, Erland Cooper, JFDR and many more. As a musician herself, Angie has also toured and recorded with her band for over 10 years, playing countless festivals and touring around the UK and Europe, giving her a unique perspective from both sides of the stage. Angie is a passionate advocate of honesty and fairness in the workplace, including speaking openly about the challenges of balancing mental health, neurodiversity and physical health within the working environment of the live music industry. She is also committed to greening the Music Industry and is a founding committee member of the charity EarthPercent.