Glen Faria
ESNS: 2023
Programmamaker Omroep Zwart
Glen was born in Amsterdam and is of Surinamese descent, he has a child named Jair Faria. In 2004 Sef founded the group Flinke Namen together with his neighbor The Flexican. Glen was known in this Amsterdam hip-hop formation as MC Fit. Sef knew Fit from the stage, so he also became a member of De Flinke Namen. The group appeared on a few compilation albums. In 2005 Murth Mossel joined the group. The group also participated in the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, but did not win. In 2006 Fit was together with Sef on the album RauwDauw by The Opposites with the track Lovely. The group became somewhat more famous and came into contact with the Top Notch label in 2007, but did not sign a contract with it yet. At the end of 2008 Glen signed with De Flinke Namen at Top Notch. At the end of May 2013, Fit's debut solo album, Glen Faria, was released. The track Stapje back on that album was re-recorded in September 2013, this time as a duet with Dutch singer Laura Jansen. In 2013, Glen Faria had a role in the movie Roffa. In 2018, Glen Faria was one of the artists featured in the AVROTROS program Best Singers. and one of the coaches of The Talent Academy in The Talent Project In 2018, Davina released Michelle Faria's song Takes too long and scored a hit with it. Tino Martin also released a cover of Faria called She knows it. Faria was a participant in the NPO series The Big Escape, where he dropped out in seventh, just before the final. Faria also provided the voice of Uatu the Watcher in the television series What If...? for Disney+.