Iara Dias
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
CEO and Founder, Meexdy
Iara Dias is an Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Product Manager, Consultant, and Partnerships Manager at Decentraland. Iara has been working and writing about music technology, artist-fan relationship, artists' revenue streams, digital merchandise, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain, direct-to-avatar, and other leading technologies. In her role at Decentraland Foundation, her mission is to onboard brands, labels, artists, and creators into the metaverse. A genuine passion for tech, music, and the music industry has been her driving force for the past ten years. Through her Master's Degree in Business Administration / Project Management, she wrote a thesis called "Music Industry Business Models in the Digital Era focused on Indie Artists," which was a big success. In 2020 she developed and published a direct-to-fan subscription platform and started writing her self-published book called "Music Industry's Business Models in the Digital Era: Against the Backdrop of COVID-19 and Beyond (From Napster to Coronavirus)".
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