Maike Fleuren
ESNS: 2023
De Basis
Maike Fleuren is involved in De Basis as a quartermaster and the driving force behind talent development. She was jointly responsible for the establishment of De Basis and is involved in projects such as, Miriam Moczko, Cassandra Onck, Luwten and The Playground Residence. She is also the business manager of 'De Niemanders', music advisor at PBCF and chairwoman of the Booster Festival. In the past she worked as a producer and director of pop at productiehuis Oost-Nederland, later De Nieuwe Oost. In that role she was - amongst others - closely involved in the development of Kyteman's Hip Hop Orchestra, Music Theater Group BOT and De Beer Die Geen Beer Was (with Anneke van Giersbergen and Martijn Bosman).