Noor Sloterdijk
ESNS: 2023
Code Diversity & Inclusion
Noor is the coördinator of the Code Diversity & Inclusion. This Code aims to make arts and culture accessible to everyone so that the Dutch cultural sector reflects the diversity of the Dutch society at large. In short, the Code is an instrument Dutch cultural institutions can use in establishing d&i in multiple layers of their organization: Audience, workforce, program and partners. Noor is also a trained musicologist. In her research she focuses on music and/or the cultural sector more broadly, again in relation to questions of diversity and inclusion. Recent research topics include bottlenecks that obstruct an inclusive Dutch opera sector, and music in relation to the male gaze in Hollywood film. Besides coördinator and musicologist, Noor is also a d&i officer at LKCA, the Dutch research/knowledge institute for cultural education and amateur arts.