Per Kviman
ESNS: 2024
Chairman, EMMA - European Music Managers Alliance
Per Kviman is music industry executive and executive music producer and have worked in the music industry for 43 years. Per Kviman is currently the CEO of Stockholm based management Versity Music, the Chair of the Board for European Music Manager Alliance and founder of the project Bright & Black. Versity was founded in 2003, with UK manager Andy Farrow and company currently represents Watain, Backyard Babies, Takida, Stiftelsen and Bright Black. Per have together with the producer Jacob Helllner (Rammstein among many others) developed the orchestra project Bright and Black, conducted by Kristjan Järvi with soloist Eicca Toppinen performed by the orchestra Baltic Sea Philharmonic. Versity Music is representing some of the biggest rock act in Sweden, all with successful global careers. His artist has been awarded multiple times with platinum and gold records. In his position as COB Per is responsible for an organization with 13 European member countries with more than 2000 mangers as members. EMMA is currently running a 3 year project funded by EU.
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