Moderator Peter Marx, MVVP Advocaten
Speakers Janneke Popma, Höcker Advocaten / Emilie Deturck, MVVP / Joep Meddens, Höcker Advocaten

2022 As It Was

Top 10 of the most important court cases in the entertainment industry

Presented by: IAEL
FRI - Oosterpoort - Back 9 (down) - 10:30-11:30
English spoken
Once again members of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers will report on recent court cases. Cases include Martin Garrix vs Spinnin’ Records lawsuit, the resistration of the James Bond theme as a sound mark, look-a-likes and image right law, the plagiarism lawsuit involving Ed Sheeran, litigation with regard to the famous Rolling Stones trademark/logo, the impact of moral rights on posthumous releases of music, the Nirvana Nevermind baby lawsuit, private copyinng and the cloud, Famke Louise vs Roddelpraat and Djoko vs Djoko.
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