Pop Media Prijs

The Pop Media Prijs (Pop Media Prize) is an award for outstanding music journalism. Since 1994, the prize has focused on individual music journalists and innovative initiatives or publications that reach new audiences, cover under-represented music and/or display remarkable pop music journalism.

The nominees for 2023

Henk van Engen
As a multicam director, Henk van Engen has been shaping the way live music is depicted for decades.He was behind the buttons in the Lowlands-Alpha, and made the registration of Goldband (2.1 million views), he did everything from VPRO On Stage to North Sea Jazz to Pinkpop, he lifted the idea of live music TV to a higher level with Stromae at Matthijs Gaat Door, and he filmed shows such as Vrienden van Amstel and DI-RECT in Ahoy. If you ever watch Dutch concert videos, there is about a 100 percent chance that you have seen (and enjoyed) something from Henk.

Justin Verkijk
There are hardly any journalists who focus purely on dance in the Netherlands. Even though that is one of the most popular genres! That makes the work of presenter/all-rounder Justin Verkijk even more refreshing. For the podcast Bakkie Bakkie (with Steven van Lummel) he does wonderful, in-depth and humorous interviews with both superstars (Armin van Buuren!) and underground DJs. Verkijk also presents the Lowlands podcast, has his own show on 3FM (The Beat) and created the podcast Als Muren Konden Praten about legendary Dutch clubs. This makes him the leading advocate for dance in the Netherlands in 2024 (and one with a lot of humour!). Also nice: while many music media makers don't know what to do with Tiktok, Verkijk throws himself into it with dedication.

Ouassima Tajmout
Over the past ten years, Ouassima has become one of the best-known faces at FunX. She was one of the first to conduct longer interviews with hip-hop artists on air, and also managed to successfully distribute them online. She has also devised, developed and presented many successful interview formats: Van Straat Naar Platina and Beats Tikken Met, for example. She interviewed world stars such as Cardi B, French Montana and J. Balvin, but last year she especially stood out with Back To The Roots with Emms, in which she travels to Cape Verde with the Broederliefde artist. Social involvement always shines through in her work.

Pop Media Prijs winners

Previous winners of the Pop Media Prijs are

2022 - Veronica van Hoogdalem
2021 – Timo Pisart
2020 – Beste Zangers
2019 – Rob Stenders
2018 – Fernando Halman
2017 – Roosmarijn Reijmer
2016 – Rotjoch
2015 – Rutger Geerling
2014 – Atze de Vrieze
2013 – The book projects Mary Go Wild (edited by Arne van Terphoven, Gert van Veen, Britta Moller and Alex Slagter) and Dutch Dance (written by Mark van Bergen, Xander Uitgevers).

2012 – Saul van Stapele
2011 – DWDD Recordings
2010 – Eric Corton
2009 – Sander Donkers
2008 – Jan van der Plas
2007 – Leo Blokhuis
2006 – John Schoorl
2005 – Leon Verdonschot
2004 – Lex van Rossen

2003 – Hester Carvalho
2002 – 3voor12
2001 – Gijsbert Kamer
2000 – Anton Corbijn
1999 – Herman van der Horst
1998 – Tom Engelshoven
1997 – Martin Bril
1996 – David Kleijwegt
1995 – Jip Golsteijn
1994 – Bert van de Kamp

Pop Media Prijs Jury

The jury for the Pop Media Prijs consists of a diverse range of industry professionals – including musicians, music venue/festival representatives, journalists or press members with experience in written press, radio, TV, documentaries and online media. All jury members must be aware of recent developments in the media and pop music industries. Finally, it is a tradition that the winner of last year’s edition takes a one-time seat as a member of the jury.

The Pop Media Prijs is made possible in part by a contribution from the Sena Performers Fund.

Find out more about the procedure here