Building better live music ecosystems in European cities

Launch of the Live Music Mapping Project

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FRI - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 1
Festivals & venues, Politics & Policy
English spoken
The Live Music Mapping Project is an innovative initiative to enhance the live music ecosystem in European cities. In many European cities, the position of live music venues, (night) clubs and festivals is challenging, as a result of developments such as densification, gentrification and austerity. Based on the initiative of the Birmingham Live Music Project (BLMP, 2019), we lifted the project to a European level in 2023. For seven European cities (Birmingham, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Milan, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle) interactive maps are developed in close cooperation with local venues, branch associations and policy makers. These maps benefit all these stakeholders to enhance the local live ecosystem and to be able to better respond to local circumstances and developments. Also, the various data integrated into the maps, make it a valuable tool for live music and nightlife consumers, venues, booking agents, artist managers and policy makers. In the longer term these maps will also allow to analyse over-time changes in the live music and nightlife supply (e.g., is the supply of venues and night clubs in inner cities under pressure?). In this panel we will (1) present our project and show/explain the maps of Birmingham, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Liverpool, (2) discuss the benefits of these maps for all music industry stakeholders, and (3) explore current and future uses of these maps with the audience. Also, we are open to other European cities wishing to become part of the project. Our panel is valuable for both music and nightlife industry visitors and policymakers in the fields of live music, nighttime economy and urban development.
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