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Accessibility at European Festivals

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FRI - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Kunstpunt
Diversity & inclusion, Event production, Artist & management, Safety & mental health, Young
English spoken
Accessibility at festivals, in the cultural sector, and actually in the entire world, is still a challenge for many of us. If you recognize yourself in this, we invite you to join a transformative journey with Revelland: a network of creatives from across Europe committed to explore a new approach of accessibility. Festivals like Sziget, Roskilde, and ESNS, musicians, sensory experts, inclusion boards, and immersive designers, got united to discover and design immersive and at the same time inclusive live music shows. In this session the results of a survey will reveal the current standings and ambitions of leading European festivals regarding accessibility. You can gain insights into the innovative process aimed at creating an added of value for audiences: The already existing audience AND those who are unable to hear or fully comprehend whats happening on stage. Practicing what they preach, you can expect an immersive and inclusive session.
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