WORKSHOP: I'll 0% drink to that - sobriety at music events workshop

Presented by: The Unicorn Mothership - Electronic Music Wellness
THU - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 2
Safety & mental health
English spoken
Substance use often acts as a bonding agent in professional relationships. Whether these are formed or fortified at showcase festivals, conferences and networking events or backstage, alcohol and/or other substances have become an integral part of exchanging information and forging collaborations - often later in the night. Are these rituals truly beneficial to obtaining lucrative opportunities and advancing your career without compromising your well-being? And how can sober(curious) people find their place in an environment where alcohol is omnipresent? In this peer support group session we want to source ideas, information and actionable steps from the collective. Offering participants a chance to self-reflect, voice thoughts and ideas if that feels comfortable, or simply get inspired by hearing others speak about their personal experiences. Witness firsthand that creating genuine connections is possible by being part of the experience in a safe, controlled environment - supported by group cohesion.