Speakers Urs Meier, Garden of Youth / Kara Djurhuus, Roskilde Festival / Katharina Weber, / Sjoerd Bootsma,

Impossible without Youth

Presented by: Yourope / 3F
THU - Oosterpoort - Front 1 - 10:30-11:30
Festivals, Futurism, Social, Marketing & Communication, Young
English spoken
We all make plans for the future. We have to constantly change, adapt and question ourselves. One thing that doesn't change, however, is that festivals and other live events are dependent on the approval and identification of their audience. Thus the task of remaining attractive for future generations in front of, on and behind the stage cannot be overstated. But how do we do that? Are we able to understand the interests and needs of youth? What do they expect from us and what can we offer them? And how much we can benefit from their participation in our events - as a guest, team member or artist. Let's talk about that among the generations and across the industry.