Pitching the Future with the European Music Business Task Force - Sign up only -

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THU - 15:15-17:00 - Flonk - Trompzaal
Artist & management
English spoken

12 European music business professionals are currently undertaking a transnational creative leadership masterclass coming to ESNS for their fourth out of five in-person meet-ups. During ESNS, they are continuing their search for answers to the question: How can we boost European music within Europe?

As the industry continues to face multiple challenges, the EMBTF programme aims to develop deeper insights, elevate leadership skills, and foster knowledge. Together, we create a strong and sustainable transnational European music market.

At this workshop, you will get to know The Force who will pitch their collaborative project ideas to you to gain from your experiences and industry knowledge. This session's aim is to spark last crucial reflections and questions before the projects will finally come to life. That’s why we need your expertise in the room!

The Force is existing of:

  • Alex Ter Horst
  • Dorotėja Būdaitė
  • Erica Romero Pender
  • Grace Goodwin
  • Julian Krohn
  • Katarina Julie Madsen
  • Katharin Ahrend
  • Marta Sampaio
  • Misia Furtak
  • Sam Malik
  • Timurs Tomsons
  • Yasmina Elkak

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