Popular music and activism: agents of change?

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THU - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Marathonzaal
Diversity & inclusion, Artist & management, Safety & mental health
English spoken
In these times of crises, whether social, environmental, economic or the intersection of them all, it is only logical that people demand change. Especially when the ruling class seem inapt, inactive or simply refuses to make an effort. One way for people to get their voices heard is through activism: public interventions that are focused on change for the greater good. Popular music and activism share a long history. From Woody Guthrie’s antifascist protest songs via the punk- and hip-hop movements of the 80’s to today’s queer activists such as Sam Smith or Janelle Monae, these are just a few examples of how music played a big role in mobilizing and getting the message across. In this panel we will explore this role together with two researchers, a politician, a musician / activist and an organizer. We will explore motivations, goals and strategies, and hope to light a little bit of that activist fire within the audience as well. The panel will be introduced through a video lecture by Dr. Kim Ramstedt.
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