WORKSHOP: TikTok, on the clock

Presented by:
THU - 10:30-11:30 - Oosterpoort - Kunstpunt
Marketing & (social) media, Artist & management, Young
English spoken
It is no secret anymore that TikTok has become an essential gateway to reaching a broader fanbase and having your music and artistry heard and seen on social media platforms. Because it is a visually rewarding app, it requires a combination of several art forms such as film, editing, sound and is essentially changing the way we perceive music. So, where to begin? Whether or not you are a forerunner of this movement, when working with artists it is important to learn the know-how and what it takes to create an authentic, captivating marketing strategy on TikTok. We don’t want you to be someone you are not. TikTok essentially is simply a facilitator for creative minds. We want to show you how to use everything you already are and have fun with it on a platform such as TikTok.