ESNS publishes ESNS Radar Report – The state of European music


ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag), the key exchange for emerging European music talent, publishes its first The state of the European music: Report 2022, releases the ESNS Radar app, and publishes a brand-new TikTok chart.

One year after launching ESNS Radar, ESNS is proud to announce the imminent release of the first edition of The state of European music: Report 2022 – a digital publication that provides unprecedented insight into the state of European music.

Data gems & case studies:

Following the tracking of artists and developing an open-access database, ESNS has taken the time to reflect on what this new resource can reveal – and presents examples of how to delve into open-access ESNS Radar and the delegates-only ESNS Analytics to mine data gems. The report includes features on the latest border-breaking data on European artists by journalist Menno Visser, chart and booking results of ESNS Exchange artists by IQ Magazine Editor Gordon Masson, examinations on European music export programmed by EMEE Research Coordinator Virgo Sillamma, a reflection on the industry’s green transitions by A Greener Festival Director Teresa Moore and two ESNS Analytics case studies, on the trajectory of Wet Leg by Music Week Features Editor Ben Homewood and Personal Trainer by music professional Erwin Blom.

The ESNS Radar Report – The state of European music is only available for ESNS delegates and can be accessed through

ESNS Radar releases app and brand-new TikTok Chart

The charts tool is now available as a mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Get the most successful European artists updates weekly, discover trending European emerging artists and dive into line-ups of the world’s most influential music festivals, all on your device. The platform also launches a brand-new TikTok Chart, which provides insight into TikTok data, tracking how many videos have used an original sound on the video app.

About ESNS Radar & ESNS Analytics

ESNS Radar is the charts tool developed by ESNS in partnership with Creative Europe. ESNS Radar is powered by Soundcharts. All data presented by ESNS Radar is tracked by Soundcharts, with the exception of the festival bookings, which are done by ESNS. ESNS Radar entails a European Chart, an Emerging European Chart for emerging talent, and the ESNS chart with acts from three years of the festival’s line-up. All charts are based on airplay of over 60 Euroradio stations, plus streaming data compiled out of Spotify and YouTube. Recently a TikTok chart has been added to ESNS Radar, giving an overview of the most popular European artists on TikTok. Besides that, bookers and other professionals are given the opportunity to see what else is happening in the music industry, through an extensive booking overview of the latest line-ups of over 130 festivals which are a part of ESNS Exchange programme. ESNS Radar is an open platform for all music fans to explore the trending European repertoire.

More about ESNS Radar at

Access to the ESNS Analytics platform requires an ESNS Conference ticket. ESNS offers a drill down of information per artist on this platform, the list with all ESNS alumni of the past three years. ESNS shares its data with delegates here, and offers music professionals a valuable insight into which acts are on the rise and are in high demand. On the platform, countless helpful tools are presented to delegates, such as a yearly overview of the artist's airplay, detailed airplay history of the past 28 days, Spotify followers graph, Social Media Followers chart, Festival Bookings overview and more.