ESNS unveils first plans for 2024 music conference


ESNS invites European music industry professionals to Groningen. Festival tickets and conference registrations are on sale now.

ESNS, the key exchange for emerging European music, unveils the first plans for its three-day music conference. With a selection of thought-provoking and industry-leading topics, a new curating team, and the return to a familiar location for the conference on Saturday, ESNS is trailblazing the music industry towards a sustainable future.

Leading the change

ESNS24 invites European music industry professionals to reflect on how current affairs in societies at large affect the music industry. ESNS aims to be the instigator of change and to set the agenda on how to move forward in transition.

Important industry topics that will be highlighted and discussed include Artists and Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Labels and Publishers, Legal and Law, Media and Music, Music Across Borders in Europe, Policy and Government, Safety and Mental Health, Social Topics, Sustainability, Technology and Innovation, and Venues and Festivals. Earlier, ESNS announced Poland as the Focus Country for 2024.

A new programming team

ESNS is thrilled to welcome Marine De Bruyn, Chelsea Pachito, and Maud Barlag to the team for the Conference programme. Hailing from various disciplines in the music industry, they individually bring their own expertise and insights and make the team more diverse and international as a whole. Coordinated by Lisa Schoemaker (International conference) and Frank Janssen (Dutch conference), they will make sure the 38th edition of the ESNS Conference will include all the greatest and latest topics in the music industry.

Back to De Oosterpoort on Saturday

ESNS will return to De Oosterpoort for a third day of the music conference on Saturday, making it the main business hub for the European music industry during the entire three-day music conference. In previous years, Forum in Groningen welcomed industry delegates on Saturday, while De Oosterpoort was transformed into a buzzing venue for the Noorderslag festival at night. This year on Saturday in De Oosterpoort, a full-day conference programme blends into the night, making the music conference more efficient and also upscaling its hospitality towards industry delegates.

ESNS Delegates Database

Starting October 16, 2023, the ESNS Delegates Database will be available for delegates of ESNS24. Access the ESNS Delegates Database to network with other attendees in advance.

Stay tuned for panels, keynotes and speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.

ESNS24 will take place from January 17 - 20, 2024 in Groningen, the Netherlands.

ESNS24 Conference Registrations
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ESNS24 will take place from January 17 - 20, 2024 in Groningen, the Netherlands.